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गुरुवार, 26 फ़रवरी 2009


3 months after the mumbai terror attack
the Indian government's stand is still a matter to be discussed that where it will lead us,or in a way,this case is out of limelight now.
many of the brave policemen sacrificed their lives for the sake of the people,the biggest attack of the recent history.
day by day,the terrorists got their opportunity to strike with more accuracy.........the government was busy in hiding the hills.
who is responsible,is a matter to be discussed...........but who suffered......the innocent public,who could never played a role in the decision making of their own lives.....................
Is it a fault by the side of government?????????
If yes,then why aren't they admitting it??????
If not,why Shivraj Patil,Deshmukh were sacked...........
Weren't they trying to decieve the public.
Is doesn't ends by blaming the government...........the analyzations after the hazard takes place everytime.......but if the preventive measures adopted by the government was that effective....why does it happens again again...........
The government too is almost enjoying the drama of comments between India and Pak.
But if the terrorist are uncurable by the Pakistan government,why not our government is taking a step and firmly asking Pakistan to provide him proper assistance in checking out terrorism.
But who cares if a common man suffers,In their view,common man is just a number to be counted in statics like........13 dead in this blast......35 died in terror attacs....give them compensation(which is often lower than every single cabinet minister's monthly allowances)..............
If anyone Died in the attacks would have been from the Politician's Family,then do you think the reaction would have been that slow,as is going in this case?????????
Then it must had been a taotally changed scenario for sure.........
And about the Terrorist Kasab,if he is not being granted death sentence,then who is a bigger sinner to be condemned with?
Why the stature and importance of a common man's life is counted worthless as compared with their so called representatives?
And for the least,what is the significance of wearing Khadi,when you can not move a step out of your luxury cars?
The country doesn't need a capable leader,it needs a dyanim leadership which can make them feel firmly that no one is smaller or weaker than the other fellow and the basis of distiguishing is nothing more than deeds and what you call merit.
So that a leader will not have to pay all his attention towards proving that he is not one to be condemned,but to attend his duty towards the betterment of we,the people of India.