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शनिवार, 27 मार्च 2010

What is the Earth Hour???I laugh out loud at it.

Can an hour really save the earth?Or is it just a celebrated drama to waste millions on just putting the lights off for an hour?
an IPL match will be seen bright under the floodlights at Mohali in the announced time-period and amazingly there is no match in daytime,so It should have been shifted in the day too...but Mr. Lalit modi perhaps knows it well,that there is nothing going to change after the an hour celebrated darkness...the money speaks louder than anything...and that is perfectly suiting for cricket these days too...or else,what have Ravindra Jadeja done to the spirit of cricket,that he has been banned for IPL3.When these cricketing authories doesn't even bother about cricket,why should they bother about the Earth.

In my village and the place where I live,we usually get a maximum of 8-10 hours of electricity...we often end up celebrating a whole day...sometimes continuously for 3-4 days...the earth-hours...the electricity board too forces us to celebrate it on times,by not providing electricity.
The whole state is not required to be told about the advantages of Earth-hour...but yes,there is no glamor in dark hours of so called small becomes effective only if it is supported by big names...celebrated in metropolitan switching off lights for an hour will bring fruitful changes for the welfare of you think so..
We are habitual to sleep with an eye over the electric bulb to watch eagerly whether the earth-hours will be over today or not...and often we find there is no electricity.....when for hours of electrical cut-off hours could not do better for the environment...I don't understand a reason,how the EARTH HOUR is going to help the earth.can you tell me?
may be big cities have big thoughts...torrential flow of wealth..Glamor everywhere...bigger offices of corruption can bring out bigger effect by swithching off the lights for an hour.lolz.
First of all you need availability of electricity to join hands in the celebrated campaign....This time too,I am writing this when my laptop is running on battery.
May be glamorisation of campaign...celebrated in cosmopolitan niches...supported by T-shirts and Banner,Balloons...and fantastic statements by some powerful people can force the earth to recover from the hazards created by electricity in merely an hour...huh.
You see people there will be an event laughing out loudly over this 'worth almost nothing' initiative will be live on SET MAX,by closing our eyes we are not going to see anything.
The Earth hour is merely a drama,and a joke to people like me,who are quite habitual to spent dark nights,due to electrical cut-off,more than often.
Hence I will not be joining hands in this campaign...I willingly or unwillingly see no electricity in my home for hours long,I never run AC,I don't use room heater,No food is ever cooked in oven at my home,Clothes are washed manually,not by washing-machine.....what more can I do to Earth's favor by switching off the lights just for an hour.