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शुक्रवार, 23 अक्तूबर 2009


रात के दो बजे एक भद्र पुरुष अकेले घर आ रहे थे.अचानक किसी ने गर्दन पे चाकू भिड़ा दी,बोला'चल पैसे निकाल.'
आदमी बोला'जानते नही मैं कौन हूँ?मैं यहाँ का मंत्री हूँ.'
चोर'अच्छा ये बात है....तब हमारे पैसे निकाल.'

Taking the safer road

when the country needs him,he is found in the villages,when the villages needed him,he was found at the world class universities.....
He is the super visionary,he views it as the best opportunity to grab the vote bank...
he knows,when the war will politician dies.........they are forever there to cash on these.
Great going mind Mr. Raul,but the countrymen can think now,by dismantling the education system in India,your government can not block the ideas here.
We dont feel happy about running the government for five years,we feel anxious about the price hikes,we are not happy about multi million deals,we feel satisfied at successfully obtaining a gas cyllinder.
We are the people,you are the prince.....
do you call it a democracy????